L'aventure c'est l'aventure

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Introduction – The adventure!

Live 6 months using only the collaborative economy, you are probably wondering whether that is possible?  Well, so are we! And that is precisely what we want to find out! We want to see to what extent, it is possible to live by it on a daily-basis and across a continent.

We’re taking you in our backpacks to follow us going through thick and thin. We’re in for a hell of a ride and you’re coming with us!

So we are going to test these new ways of capturing value, interacting with others and how to live 6 months sharing! We’re going to hit the road hitch-hiking with Jake, Californian truck driver, cross Northern Mexico with Pedro, father of 4, sleep at Paolo’s in Sao Paolo, eat at the Alvareses’ at the heart of the Andes, plant bananas in Argentina in exchange for a roof, learn how to surf with James in Nicaragua… and probably have it rough as well!

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