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San Francisco





1 night at Sieva’s thanks to Airbnb – peer-to-peer accomodation rental platform.

Our best memories :
Listening to Sieva tell us about the Californian entrepreneurial adventure : he is launching an online platform for students to buy and sell their notes. (Bit late for us… It’ll be for our younger cousins.)
– The 1st air mattress of the trip! (A must-have in California)


1 night at Casey Fenton’s (co-founder @Couchsufing !!) with Couchsurfing 😉 – an online hospitality platform enabling people to host or be hosted for free.

Our best memories :
– Sitting around a fire listening to Casey tell us about the origins of Couchsurfing and his 15 Burning Man festivals (an epic gathering of 37,000 people in the middle of the Black Rock desert, Nevada)
– Witnessing Casey’s girlfriend consult and launch a crowdfunding. Outcome: $800,000 raised in 24hrs !


13 nights at locals’ : Harry, Quitterie et Michael

Our best memories :
Harry’s good old banter about Puffins (awkward little birds, that he loves)
– Meeting Michael, aka Mr. Beaumonte over lunch and ending up spending days at his in the Mission (one of SF’s trendiest areas)
Rolling around for a couple of hours with Quitterie and her friends in a roller skating disco.


Michael and his housemates





3 days at ConnectionsSF – a co-working space, shared office space.

Our best memories:
– Working in the basement of a luxurious hotel (for free!)
– Having a go at the crisps and M&Ms on offer at the office.


1 day at Makeshift Society thanks to Liquidspace – an online platform for the (hourly) rental of underutilized office space.

Our best memories:
– The possibility of finding and booking a place to work on the day, right down the road.
– The atmosphere: we felt like we were working at a trendy grand-ma’s place.


At the Makeshift Society co-working space





15 meals at a local’s

Our best memories:
– A copious brunch at Sophie and Charles’ (scrambled eggs, jalapenos, bacon, coffee, etc.)
Ivan’s creativity when it comes to adding a hint of flavor to pasta: butter, pesto, bolo, arrabiata, plain, heated-up, whatever you might wish for…


1 meal with Feastly – an online peer-to-peer platform connecting cooks with gourmets.

Our best memories:
– The beef was cooked “sous vide”, “yum yum”, tender lovin’
– Listening to our neighbors’ stories. Almost all of them were serial entrepreneurs.
– The breath-taking view on the whole of San Francisco.
– The price: $15 for an incredible meal and great memories – excellent value for money!


@Feastly dinner





Lyft – Peer-to-peer taxi service. Very well established in SF!

Our best memories :
– The great pink moustache on the Lyft cars bumpers.
– Roro having a debate with Pete, one of the Lyft drivers, about the origins of the Hyphy movement (A rapping trend – born and dead in SF in the 00s)


1,200+ Km ridesharing

Our best memories :
– The encounters: Meeting Joseph, the tech developer and Jessica, dancer/bus pimping specialist (in her free time), Lou the fishing builder and Evan, the guy who stops deforestation by sleeping in the trees.
Michael and Jacki’s convertible Jeep, in which we drove for days.


In Mike and Jacki’s convertible Jeep






WeeleoA peer-to-peer platform for the exchange of currencies in real life

It was awesome to meet the French founders, Lyrod and Raphael, who were in SF to raise funds. We loved their approach: they enable people to meet in real life, exchange their currencies without any commission fee (pretty cool, considering that these can go up to 15%) but also to talk to someone who’s just been where you’re heading. We like the idea of arriving somewhere with a list of cool restaurants, museums and parks that a new mate has drawn for us.





In front of the Golden Gate Bridge

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    Good job Boys! All this communication must be very time consuming but it sure is worth reading and sharing…Cheers!

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