Album #1 – Guadalajara to Mexico

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From Guadalajara to Mexico DF


4 hours, 4 rides, 1 night on the highway!

Ride n°1 with Frida.
Ridesharin’ and pimpin’.

Ride n°2.
Nice truck it was.

Ride n°3 with Andrea.
So much stuff. So little space.

Ride n°4.
We had a great time with Jose until the police stopped him because he had a fake license plate. At that point he ran off leaving us on the side of the highway at 1am. #Awkward

We spent the night on the highway, 30Km away from Mexico DF – so close and yet so far (and so cold). At least, we had the trucks to keep us company.

Finally after a final ride here we are in Mexico City!

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