The Bros’ Gazette #3 – Mexico

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From San Francisco to Mexico





nights at Lincoln’s and Virginia’s thanks to Airbnb – peer-to-peer lodging rental platform.

Our best memories :
– Crossing the San Diego Bay kayaking with Lincoln, stopping out of breath shortly afterwards to go and grab a burger and a few pints on the beach.
– The zip-line over the pool (!) Mat’s imitation of Tarzan clearly was one of the more “special” moments of the trip so far.


nights Couchsurfing at Crystal’s, Che’s, Béranger’s and Frida’s – an online hospitality platform enabling people to host or be hosted for free.

Our best memories :
– Having a go at our first batch of REAL tacos with Crystal, our host, to celebrate our first night in Mexico.
– Those 3 glorious days camping days with Che in Bahia de Los Angeles: home-made pancakes in the morning, Ivan head butting a whale shark, listening to Che tell us about his 11 years as a professional MMA fighter and his inventions that enabled him to retire at the age of 30. Good times…
– Drinking cold beers in the warm sea with Béranger and his girlfriend Anna, floating about in the Gulf of Mexico.
– Sleeping at Frida’s in Guadalajara, a friend we met on our first Couchsurfing night of the trip, back in Vancouver! (cf: check out our first video)


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Frida & the Bros


21 nights at locals’ places: Tristan, Padre Fran, Padre Raoul, Javier, Pierre & Co

Our best memories :
– Celebrating Padre Raul’s birthday sipping on his favorite whisky and singing/yelling Mexican serenades to the sound of Roro’s guitar.
– Sleeping in a real bed in Javier’s cabin in the ferry across the Gulf of Mexico – better than the deck! Also better than the previous night in the Constituciόn presbytery when we had to sleep on chairs to stay out of the cockroaches’ reach.


1 night on the motorway

Our best memories :
– Finding out, at what we thought would be a benign road check, that the truck we were hitch-hiking with actually had a fake licence plate, seeing our driver run away from the police, spending the night on the side of the highway… at least we had the trucks to keep us company.


Frisky night on the side of the motorway





5 days at the WRK co-working space – shared office space.

Our best memories :
– Coming across this brand new space just down the road from where we were staying, being able to work there the whole week for free thanks to Cristina and the rest of the Rides team – a Mexican ridesharing platform.
– Feeling nice and cosy in the offices as the rain kept coming down every single night at 6pm sharp.


Au calme dans l’espace de coworking WRK





15 meals at a local’s

Our best memories :
– All those meals on the beach prepared by Che – our Couchsurfing host and guardian angel – we had never done camping like this.
– Béranger’s home-made chilaquiles (tacos, cheese, tomato sauce, spices)
– OuiShare dinner at Katia’s: great people and great food for a great laugh.


Mad OuiShare love





1,350+ Km ridesharing, 3 cars, 3 new friends

Our best memories :
Pushing Myoshi’s car for a good half-hour on the motorway between Los Angeles and San Diego.
– Crossing a third of Mexico in Che’s big yellow Hummer with US gangster rap full on!


2,400+ Km hitchhiking – 10 cars, 3 trucks, 13 great memories

Our best memories :
– The people: Daniel, our first ride, Sergio y Miguel the two romantic drivers, Andrea and her yogurt-shaped car, Beatriz and her delicious Paris-Brest (i.e.: Roro’s perfect birthday gift.)


Looking for a ride?






SpinlisterAn online peer-to-peer platform for the rental of outdoors activities gear (bikes, surf- and snowboards, etc.)

Accommodation with Airbnb, your car with Deways… let it be known that you can now rent your bike or even your surfing gear directly from a (like-minded) stranger! We obviously had to check that out…


H : we send out the request.
H+ 7mn: we get Hilary’s response.
H+ 30mn : we pick up the board for a quarter of the price it would have costed from the store.
H+ 47mn : we ride them waves.


Surfing USA





Just trying to fit in, you know…

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