The Bros’ Gazette #4 – Mexico to Panama

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From Mexico City to Panama City





7 nights thanks to Airbnb – peer-to-peer lodging rental platform.

Our best memories :
2  nights spent at Ian’s, who we just bumped into as we were roaming around on the road with our bags on our backs, all worn out. He had just told us on Airbnb that he didn’t have space to host us that night. He recognises us from our online profile, tells us to jump in his car, invites us out for lunch and to spend the rest of the day with his friends, before letting us camp in his garden. #GoodVibz #LuckyStar
– Booking on Airbnb… and ending up sleeping at a youth hostel! Would that $10 Bn monster simply be turning into an online accomodation rental platform? Bye-Bye P2P? What about regulation? … so many questions! Anyway, 3 soothing nights of comfort for the Bros!


7 nights thanks to Couchsurfing– an online hospitality platform enabling people to host or be hosted for free.

Our best memories :
24h spent with Ameht and Astrid in Cacahoatán, next to the Mexico – Guatemala border. A Hedonist Bro’s schedule: Salsa and Venezuelan cooking lessons, refreshing walk and coffee on the side of Vulcano Tacatlan, visit of a traditional Mayan chocolate factory (Nominated Best chocolate of the World in 2013!), jamming sess’ with the whole family in the evening.
– A crazy night in San José with Cesar and his friends – we gave it all we had!


Iphoto 3

Ian and the Bros reaching Panama


3 nights with public services.

Our best memories:
– Mattresses!! Finally!! In the Tecun Uman (Guatemala) fire squad’s dorms. Such a warm welcome! The roof was on fire. (badumm pum pshhhh!) We talked, we laughed, bonds were made. They even offered us breakfast. We shan’t forget.
– One night with Byron, the brave Bombero (fireman). At the age of 18, Byron, was alone and responsible for all cases of emergency in proximity of the Guatemala – Salvador border. #Respect.
– The night we got to spend in the abandoned cargo container sitting at the back of the Civil Protection office in David, Panama. Many thanks to Sergent Raïh and the whole team for their warm welcome and hospitality!


6 nights at a local’s : Natalie, Jorge, la Gibbons’ Family, Philippe.

Our best memories:
– A great dinner in Oaxaca with Natalie Foster – co-founder of Peers – a member-driven organization that supports the sharing economy movement. Great Food. Great conversation. Great times.
– That feeling when Jorge, the local grocery store owner, invites you to sleep at his, as you are setting up the tent to sleep on the side of a windy and cold Costa Rican mountain road.
– That night spent at the Gibbons’, one of Dominical’s (Costa Rica) many expatriated American families. Needless to say that a little jump in the pool after a long day waiting under the rain on the side of the road never hurt anyone. Oh! and Home-made pancakes for breakfast too!


Great night with the Tecun Uman fire squad

Great night with the Tecun Uman fire squad





7 days at the Co-Working PTY coworking space – shared office space.

Our best memories :
– Gabriel and Sarah – the office managers – and his mad cinnamon cappuccinos in the morning. Almost as warm as their welcome.
– Relaxing after a long day of editing at the Open Arts (Panama) event, destined to promote Panamanian street art! Graffiti workshop – we managed to craft ourselves a brand new “Share” stencil, aka the Sharencil. We’re going to paint LatAm red!


The Bros are getting graphic

The Bros are getting graphic





So many great meals with locals – we have officially lost count. 

Our best memories:
– Those Chile en Nogade offered and shared with Laeticia and Javier on the side of the road after kindly driving us out of Mexico City to Puebla. And since that wasn’t enough, they even offered Roro a typically Mexican and highly fashionable jumper! Yes, it has a pompon.
Juice tasting session in Chichigalpa (Nicaragua) with Kevin, the son of the truck driver that took us from Salvador to Costa Rica. What else?
– El Domingo Cultural – Cultural Sundays – organised by our friends met at the co-working Open-Arts night! The concept: Young culture vultures putting money together every Sunday to cook and gather around a good meal! We can testify.


Chile en Nogade on the side of the road

Chile en Nogade on the side of the road





1,840+ Km hitchhiking, 6 cars.

Our best memories :
– The night spent on the side of the motorway with Elmer and Oscar scouting for transvestites burglars – ‘“otos” in local slang –  roaming around petrol stations at night. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to our two humorous friends who were such of great company, even after 3,000 Km of driving all the way from Minnesota to Guatemala. They were towing cars bought in the US to sell them down South.
– That Burger King lunch offered by Patty and Val after taking us on board to the Panamanian border.


About 10 Km in collectivos taxi.

Our best memories :
– Meeting Emilio at the border Mexico-Guatemala border, exchanging a few words in French that he had learnt at the Alliance Française, and being invited into his taxi to go to Tecun Uman!


1,470+ Km by truck across Central America

Our best memories:
Smashing a mango with a machete and playing around with the guards’ shotguns. These brave souls are commissioned by freight companies to protect drivers and merchandise. They also happen to be great storytellers.
– Our 2 days spent at the back of Diomès’ truck – the Man who learnt how to speak English listening to Country music.
– Getting kicked out of the truck drivers’ night camp for “obvisouly not being truck drivers”. We were forced to get back on the road at 11pm next to the Salvadoran border. The only reason we weren’t instantly mugged and given a wedgy, is our driver Diomès, who was kind and brave enough to hit the road even though he had just driven 12hrs straight. “There is no point in doing a favour if you’re not going to do it well!” #TheVERYGratefulBros


Our first night in a cargo container

Our first night in a cargo container




The Bro Crush


GoFundMe ! An online crowdfunding platform.

As some of you may know, we were robbed off of our camera upon our arrival in San José, Costa Rica. Well, thanks to GoFundMe, we were able to launch an express crowdfunding campaign and collect €700 online in no more than 18hrs thanks to our great community. This enabled us to buy a “new” second-hand camera though the local eBay – online resale platform. Pretty amazing if you look at the facts bluntly – 3 frenchies lost in the middle of Central America. A community spread out all over the world. Internet to connect them. We are saved! 🙂


La campagne de Crowdfunding des Bros

The Bros’ crowdfunding campaign


For more pictures of our crossing of Central America, click here!





Bro Love from Panama City!

Bro Love from Panama City!


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