Album #4 – Panama to Colombia

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From Panama to Colombia


Between Panama and Colombia there is nothing but trees and swamps!
It’s called the Dardén Gap – the only part of the American Continent where the Pan-American road stops.
As the plane was not an option for us we decided to get to Colombia using various small local boats aka “lanchas”.
Here is our adventure!

Breaking news: 3 frogs on the loose in “El Casco Viejo”, Panama City.

We had no other choice but to set camp at the entrance of the Kuna territory, as the night was falling. Thanks to the local indigenous guards, who let us set camp under that porch! #GoodNightSleep

We eventually made it to the Carti Island, where we started looking for a lancha, a small boat, to cross the Caribbean Sea all the way to Colombia. Let the adventure begin!

As Mat and Roro were looking for a boat, Ivan was (once again) caught red-handed flirting with a parrot. #BoysWillBeBoys

Sleeping Carti Style, byebye mattresses hello hammocks.

We finally managed to find a boat for the first leg of the trip on the next day: 8 hours of crossing on a small boat packed with people. #DontForgetTheBinBags #GonnaGetWet

During the crossing – just enjoying the view…

This guy tried to discretely run off with our camera, at the first stop of the trip. He could have guessed that you can only run so far on an island. Plus, unfortunately for him, the captain of our lancha knew everyone on the island. Sorry old chap.
#NotSoSmartOfHim #OnceButNotTwice

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After so many adventures Ivan needed a little infusion to settle down.

Alberto The Man – Not only did he welcome us into his home on the small island of Mulatupo, but he also showed us the way to a hidden paradise…

We just took the opportunity to rest for a day on this little piece of heaven. Those are not Google images. #SanBlasStyle

The (very) Happy Bros.

The (very) Wet Bros.

“Hey, Ivan! What are you doing up there? Are you looking for a parrot again?”

Mathieu, aka the Wise One, teaching the Young Roro on how to re-connect with nature. “Can you feel the rock’s love down your spine?” #AwkwardSilence

Sleeping at a local’s. It seems like Roro and Mat have never been taught how to put sunblock. Ouch.

We were so happy when Boaterfly (best P2P boat rental platform!) offered to sponsor our crossing of the Caribbean sea!

On our 5th lancha towards the Colombian coast Mat and Roro shared a special moment (who’s being Rose?) while Ivan was thinking about life and stuff. #Titanic

The little seaport of Capurgana. When we got there we felt like pirates going home having to rest after a long time at sea.

#GreenBomb in Capurgana.

8 days, 6 lanchas, 3 cars later, we finally reached Medellin in Colombia. Just enjoying a piece of meat! Living the Good Life.

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