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WWOOFING at “Albergue azul”, Colombia


We spent one week in a farm in the middle of Colombia thanks to Wwoofing.
The rules were quite simpe: you get food and accomodation in exchange for work, but that’s just half of the story!

Thank you Globshop (Buy products from abroad and have them delivered by a traveler), as promised in our crowdfunding campaign your song is coming! #crowdshopping #sponsor

Welcome to the albergue azul, a Colombian organic farm…

…and meet Dona Cecilia, our host, and green queen.

Mat at his best – collecting coffee beans.

“Albergue Azul – the right farm for you”

3 dudes to collect about 30Kg of coffee beans in about 6 hours… That’s worth about $10 on the market. #KeepCalmAndCarryOn

Lunch is almost ready. #SoLongOldChap

Just another meal with Cecilia, our host and Pablo, her husband.

Would it be a rainbow?

Homemade scrambled eggs and sausages, hmmm… what a treat! Hardly any bugs in our food...

Ivan, aka “el machete”. Watch out for your fingers, they might end up in goat food.

Roro taking care of his chicks.

“Getting milked 3 times a day keeps the doctors away.”

The Poo cleaning part.

Roro made a new besta.

Mat, Duke of the Haricots.

Cecilia, Ivan and Mat giving life to new vegetables.

“Hey, wait for me you little goat”
It seems like Daisy is playing hard to get.

“Sometimes a bro needs a nap” – Churchill, 1949

Spraying our new ‘Share” sign – Sharelfies are coming up…

…here it is!

The forgotten photo – not sure why it’s there but we still like it.

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