The Bros’ Gazette #5 – Panama to Colombia

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From Panama to Colombia





The Bros’ figures:
12 nights thanks to Airbnb – peer-to-peer lodging rental platform.
7 nights thanks to Couchsurfing – an online hospitality platform enabling people to host or be hosted for free.
7 nights thanks to WWOOF – a network linking farmers with volunteers.
5 nights at a local’s – in the San Blas Islands area, or Kelly’s house in Mutatá (Northern Colombia) for example.
1 night with public services – sleeping in the forest guards’ house.


Our best memories:
– The cosy hammocks in Carti, a small island in the Caribbean. Perfect ending to a perfect night watching the film “300” with a dozen of locals on the only TV of the island.
– It was 10pm and we had just reached Mutatá (Northern Colombia) after 13hrs spent on the road. It was pouring it down. Nowhere to sleep. That’s when we met Kelly and Maria Alejandra, our saviors, who gave us supper and welcomed us for the night. #SharingSis
– Going to bed at 9 pm, and waking up at 6am to milk goats, scrape poop and garden. Thank you Cecilia and the Albergue Azul for this amazing week! #healthylife #MilkMuch?


Mat and Ivan sleeping peacefully on the island of Carti





The Bros’ figures:
– No co-working spaces on the road this time.
9 days at the Centenario Mall in Cali (Colombia)


Our best memories:
– Getting to know everyone at the mall, “Hey Frenchies, how you doin’ today?”
– The in-depth market study we carried out by tasting each and every coffee on offer in the mall.
– Finding “Ohlala” – a cheap French restaurant right outside the mall – “French cuisine at Colombian prices” #Boom


Ivan doing a selfie in the mall.





The Bros’ figures:
– We stopped counting!


Our best memories:
– The death duel between Ivan and Humphrey the Rooster. People screamed. Feathers were lost in the battle. But Ivan eventually came out on top. A good fight for an excellent lunch. #CloseOne #SorryOldChap.
– Our very first “float thru” (“Drive through” but for boats) Lunch was then had on a paradisiac little island of the Caribbean.


Ivan, Mat and Cecilia plucking Humphrey, the rooster, for lunch.





The Bros’ figures:
761+ Km hitchhiking,6 cars.
250+ Km, 6 lanchas (small boats).


Our best memories:
Reflecting on the immensity of the tropical forest on the coast as we were passing by on our lancha. #CanTreesTalk? #DoTheyHaveALeader?
– Experimenting “Ol’ school” ridesharing with Ramiro! Our man offered us a ride in exchange for money. BlaBlaCar without the internet part – for the first time of the trip.


Where we had lunch.




The Bro Crush


Boaterfly ! An online peer-to-peer boat rental platform

We were so happy when Boaterfly contacted us to sponsor our crossing of the Caribbean sea. What an adventure – 6 small boats and 3 sore bums later, we eventually made it back to the American continent! Boaterfly is a peer-to-peer rental boat platform this means that you can now rent a boat from someone else!


The Bros on a lancha!


For more pictures of our crossing of the Darien Gap, click here!





The Bros lost in paradise

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