Album #6 – Ecuador to Peru

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From Ecuador to Peru


Roro playing with an egg on the Equator, Mat and his absurd sleeping habits, Ivan’s arty touch… It’s all there, check it out!

Our Virgin of Quito, a little foretaste of Rio de Janeiro?

Your mission: a side-flip over 3 bros and 4 bags…? Challenge accepted!
#YouBlinked #Parkour #Urban

Please, meet the Channers! It all started 30 years ago when Dominic attended Roro’s school back in the UK. He read about our adventures in the Alumni journal and invited us over! As you can tell by the look on Mat’s face, it was a week of pretty solid happiness! #Photogenic #SooooMuchLove

Roro and Ivan jaming about their love for the Channer family, Mat lead singer?

There is a thin line between the North and the South… It’s called the Equator!
Thank you Dominic for taking us for a spin.

Gravity is weird on the Equator, hence the egg challenge! The idea: stabilise an egg on a nail. This picture is a testament to Mat’s lack of sportsmanship. “Roro, If you fail, your life is ruined – you’ll never find a wife. You’ll die without an heir.”

Seems like Roro will have a happy family after all!

Mat using his classic and super efficient seduction technique. #HelloYou #DoYouWannaDance

Open-Source crash course/drink with Daniel, Pierre and Ernesto! (From left to right) Thank you for the insights! #FoodForThought

Great dinner with Felipe (in the center : social activist and innovator) and Juan (on the left: Grand-son of the former Ecuadorian president and serial entrepreneur). Good wine, good pizza, good conversation. Great memories.

Mat & Ivan interviewing Daniel, a Spanish expert on open software.

Mat reading whilst sleeping, Roro about to lick his food?? Just another day in the Sharing Bros’ life.

Ivan insisted on sharing with you guys his “arty photos”. We did like the stairs but did not really understand what he tried to do with these three holes…

On the 18th of November, we met Fabian – founder of the Alianza Solidaria – the housing cooperative which turned a landfill site into a little piece of Heaven! A community space re-arranged by the community for the community. #Impressive



Standing on the bridge where there was once nothing but rotten animal carcasses and empty barrels. Bravo to the Quitumbe community!

Great talk about Ecuador’s politico-economic landscape with Nikos at the Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales (IAEN)

On the road to Peru #Felizviaje

Roro and Paul discussing about Peruvian gastronomy whilst photogenic Mat and Ivan strike again!

Little stop on our way to Lima to enjoy Peruvian landscapes. Had you ever seen a desert dying in the sea? Thanks Paul for the ride!

The bros enjoying Pisco sour, the tradtional Peruvian cocktail with their host for the week in Lima, Ernestito. Thanks Nightswapping!

Monday morning in Lima, we might have had too many Piscos the night before?

Just a cool procesion in Lima in honor of the lord of miracles.

Where music and April’s Fool meet.

We love looking at people dancing.

Random photo 1
Weirdo Roro. “Who’s that good looking boy in the mirror? Let’s take a picture.”

Random photo 2
Just plainly random

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