The Bros’ Gazette #6 – Ecuador to Peru

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From Ecuador to Peru





The Bros in figures :
8 nights thanks to Nightswapping in Lima  – a hospitality exchange platform (Idea: Earn points by hosting people. Use these points to be hosted. Simple.)
7 nights at a local’s in Quito – it was awesome getting to spend so much time with the Channer family – so much love!


Our best memories :
Visiting the “Mitad del Mundo” with Dominic – Dominic, went to the same school I did. Even though he hasn’t set a foot there in 30 years, he read about our adventures in the Alumni Diary and offered to host us. What a week! Not only did we have a laugh with him and his family, he also took us to the Equator! Exciting times!
– For us, Lima was pretty special as for the first time in over 4 months of traveling, we each had our own room! #BlessedPrivacy. It almost felt weird though… #Mat #Ivan #WhereAreYou?


On the Equator with our host Dominic.





The Bros in figures:
1 week spent in Dunkin’ Donuts – We’ve visited hospitals that were sexier than that, no jokes. But oh well! As long as there’s Wi-Fi, it works for us.
– When we reeeaaallly felt love in our hearts, we celebrated by working at Starbucks.



Mat and Roro working in a coffee shop.





The Bros in figures :
15 meals at the Channers’ in Quito, Ecuador
1 evening with Ernesto
in Lima, Peru.


Our best memories :

– Digging into Esperanza’s formidable cuisine at the Channers’ – French toast in the morning, pasta salad for lunch and crêpes for dinner! #HappyBros
– The anticucho brochettes in a little bar around the corner from Ernesto’s place – for the newbies that’s a cow’s heart. Yeah, I know… (awkward silence) Not necessarily Christmas for the mouth but a great moment of conviviality with our boy, Ernesto, aka Ernestito towards the end of the night.
– Ending up at Ernesto’s a few hours later to test his O so famous Pisco sour recipe, Peruvian style. “Half a bottle of pisco, or more if you want. Add a bit of lemon juice, depends whether you like it acid or not, and finish up with a drop of liquid sugar. Mix the beast and let it shine! Tadddaaa” Good night ahead!


Cow’s heart tasting with Ernestito Ernestito





The Bros in figures :
About 1,500 Km by colectivos between Colombia and Quito!
500 Km hitchhiking with Alvaro and Paul. We just missed it too much!


Our best memories:
Helping Alvaro carry around a big box containing pieces of pigs’ heads in exchange for a quick drop-off in the center of Quito! For once, Roro wins at ‘rock-paper-scissors” and gets to sit at the front. Mat and Ivan at the back… with the pig bits.
Paul, the smooth diving instructor! We will have waited 5mn (tops!) before finding a ride to Lima. What a great day on the road, with beautiful Northern Peruvian scenery. #NiceOne #ThankYou

On the road with Paul.




The Bro Crush


Nightswapping ! Swap nights with peers.

Nightswapping is easy as pie! As you can guess, you “swap” “nights”. Earn points by hosting people. Then, use these points to be hosted by other people. Simple. That means that hosting travelers at yours and making yourself new friends will allow you to travel free of accommodation costs on your next trip, which can save you up to 60% of your total traveling budget… Oh and you get to meet locals on the spot as well! Sounds like a sweet deal to us!


Great night with Ernestito, our Nightswapping host.


For more pictures of our time in Ecuador and Peru, click here !





Little halt on our way to Lima. #AintTooBad

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