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From Lima to Machu Picchu


The Sweaty Bros are back – sweatier than ever! After 5 months on the road we headed to the main touristic site of our adventure: Machu Picchu. It was simply breathtaking! After a two-day trek to the lost city we headed South to Arequipa (Peru) before crossing the Chilean desert.

The Bucolic Bros having a casual break on our first day of trekking towards Machu Picchu.

Walk the Line! #IncaTrail

There actually was a monkey… They’re not just posing. #MakingFriends #Quechua #Love

Walk towards the light! #(Inner)Journey #TrekOfLife #Deep #Hashtags

Quechua workers.

Maybe its time for me to get off the tracks. #CloseOne

So wonderful and green…

Just a cool picture.

Ivan’s signature flora shots. #Esthete

On our second day, we woke up at 4am to reach Machu Picchu just as the morning light was falling upon Wayna Picchu. It was truly beautiful!

“OMG is that Machu Picchu?”

A sweaty and cheeky bro.

Amazing Machu Picchu.

The sweaty Bros. #Happy

Started from the bottom now we’re here! #3082m

The pleasure man.

In our colectivos from Olayatambo to Cusco, Roro had a staring contest with this little one: Little girl 1 – Roro 0

We spent one great night at Bill’s with Airbnb in Cusco, it was interesting to see that welcoming guests had now became his full time job! #Cusco

From Cusco we headed South towards Arequipa and found this awkward looking tourist. #Lost? #Arequipa

Mat making friends at Arequipa’s San Camilo huge food market #ILoveYourApples

Pillars and flowers, flowers and pillars.

Trying to blend in Arequipa.

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