The Bros’ Gazette #7 – Peru to Chile

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From Peru to Chile





The Bros in figures :
4 nights thanks to Airbnb – a peer-to-peer lodging platform – in Cusco, Machu Pichu and Bahia Inglesa
– 14 nights at a local’s in Santiago – Paul’s and Val’s were so welcoming! We had a blast at the “Funk Mansion” and thank you to Andrés and Mariano for having us at the Casa de Los Locos.
1 crazy night at the casino and the back of a truck in Antofagasta – Jorge loves going to the casino. We had no where to sleep. Guess what happened…


Our best memories :
– Waking up at 4am after spending the night at Freddy’s to climb the mythical Machu Pichu
– These long banterful evenings with Val, Paul and Fausto at the Mansion of Funk after a long day of work, editing our 7th video! “Brospitality #BlessThem
– Quick nap on one of Antofagasta’s lawn after spending the night with our man Jorge at the casino. We eventually got to sleep at the back of the truck. #CosyNight #ItsGettingHotInHere


“Winner winner, chicken dinner!” – So they say…





The Bros in figures:
1 week spent in Palermo – A nice little coffee shop a couple of blocks away from the Funk Mansion in Santiago – Cheap and Stylish.


Our best memories :
– Singing along to Zaz’s songs with Marta the waitress. It’s the only CD they had. #TimeToInvest #ROI
– Our daily Mokaccino, aka the shot of love.



Caution: Bros at work






The Bros in figures :
7 meals at Paul’s in Santiago, Chile
1 “cena familiar” (BBQ) at the Casa de los Locos where Ivan used to live last year in Santiago.
1 OuiShare Drinks with some “peeps” from the local collaborative scene.


Our best memories :
– Paul and Val really are full of ressources! Not sure what we enjoyed the most – the Italian asparagus, mushrooms and zucchini risotto or that tender and salted BBQ meat. #MeltsInTheMouth #BBQ #BroBQ
– Sharing a typical chilean asado at the Casa de los Locos with Mariano and Andres, Ivan’s former landlords
– Discovering new collaboratives startups like Truequers (bartering platform) Tumotorizado (P2P motorbike delivery) or Crowdtransfer (P2P money exchange)


OuiShare drink in Santiago!





The Bros in figures :
720 Km hitchhiking between Peru and Antofagasta!
1380 Km ridesharing with the W Project team – world tour of French entrepreneurs.


Our best memories:
– That feeling when a truck stops after spending 5hrs in the blistering sun! Out comes Jorge. Off we go for Antofagasta to meet up with the W Project lads.
– The 2 days of cruising rave with our 2 fellow travelers, all the way to Santiago de Chile. Singing catchy tunes? Guilty! Check it out here!

The Bros and Jorge the truck driver




The Bro Crush


Cumplo ! Peer-to-peer lending

Cumplo is what’s great about the collaborative internet! It allows gets rid of financial intermediaries and enables people to lend money to each other directly. Here in Chile, putting your money at the bank will get you a 3-4% return. When you borrow from the bank, you pay a 15-20% interest. The difference is called “the spread”. That’s exactly when Cumplo comes in and fills the gap to allow you to borrow money at better rates!


Cumplo’s website


For more pictures of our time in Peru and Chile, click here !





The Raving Bros from the Funk Mansion

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