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The Sharing Bros in Chile


After hitchhicking from Peru to Chile we finally arrived in Santiago to interview Nicolas Shea from Cumplo, Andres from Trueckers and meet the OuiShare community in Chile. We also took our weekend off to visit the beautiful city of Valparaiso! Good times to share.

“Hitchhiking in 4 steps”

Step 1: Stand on the side of the road. Raise your thumb. Smile! You have 1 second to let people know you’re polite, clean, a good conversationalist and you’re not going to go mad in the car. Make eye contact. Smile again.

Step 2: Talk to the driver. Learn about the country through him. What does he like? What does/doesn’t he know? Icebreaking topics: Football, women, Mat’s moustache, ask about them.

Step 3: Enjoy the ride!

Step 4: After spending the night (2am to 8am) looking at Jorge playing in the local casino a little nap (8am to 10am) was more than welcome.

Welcome aboard The Flying Chilean. Thank you for choosing Jorge. We’d like to remind you that smoking is permitted in the vehicle. The emergency exits are… inexistent. Fasten your seat belts. Lay back. Take a cookie (if it feels right). We hope you have a pleasant cruise.

There it is.. the Lol Brigade! We got to share a two day ride all the way from Antofagasta to Santiago (1400 km) with the W Project lads. Costs and banter were shared.

The beauty of ridesharing – in sickness and in health. “Remember that time where you got us completely stuck…?” #Memories #LolAloud

W Project / Sharing Bros Bromance in front of the “Big Hand” in the Atacama Desert. #BadAssHigh5 #PoorDude #GetHimOut

Road and Tunes! For a little sensual taste of the trip as we experienced it:

Ridesharing – “Your smoothest naps”

To celebrate our arrival in Santiago we gathered for a OuiShare drink! Great talk with some actors of the Chilean collaborative scene including Tripda, Tumotorizado and CrowdTransfer. Thank you all!

Many thanks to Nicolas Shea, founder of Cumplo, for his time and inspiring insights about peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is one of the components of collaborative finance… but more on that in our next video!

“You are now entering the developers’ corner”

The Cumplo designers and developers… developing away!

It was great meeting the Truequers team – Chile’s first bartering platform! Swap stuff on the internet – can life get any more exciting?!

The Funk Mansion – Thank you all for having us! What a night. What a week!

The Touring Bros – Great day exploring Valparaiso aka “Valpo, weon!”

In Valparaiso, there is a vibrant urban art scene. Locals even invite street artists to express themselves on their walls. That’s the result! #CouldLiveWithThat #ScaleToTheWorld #WhatIf

Boats, bros and bags

“El Tren mas lento del Mundo” – One of the coolest bars of the trip! Go and listen to someone playing the piano, grab a drink, play board games, gaze at the sea, etc. Your call!

Roro making friends. “We’ll come and pick you up at 5pm.”

Brotherly Love

Brotherly love – i.e.: the other kind of Bro.

Album release – The Sharing Bros hit the charts with their new hit “Valpo”

The “Buena Onda” made man! Great vibz with our favorite football supporter. Que le vaya bien!

From Pier to Pier. #Lolobomb

In the seals’ world, hierarchy has some very concrete steps. Level 1 – You’re cool but not on top. Level 2 – You’re a don and can nap in the sun. But it’s a tough struggle to the top! Seals guard each level to prevent others from rising.

“Seagull by the sea” – $650.000 USD for this piece of art.
Price open to discussion. Please, contact Ivan.

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