The Bros’ Gazette #8 – From Chile to Argentina

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From Chile to Argentina





The Bros in figures :
1 night at the bus station in Mendoza.
7  nights at Federico’s thanks to HomeStay, peer-to-peer accommodation rental platform. Stay at a local’s with a local.

1 night at a local’s – Many thanks to Sensei Taro, our main man from Japan, for kindly hosting us for the night.
– 9 nights at Marco’s and Tracey’s thanks to Airbnb, peer-to-peer accommodation rental platform.


 Our best memories :

– Our night sleeping on the floor at the bus station in Mendoza (Argentina)! Yup, planning ahead isn’t always that easy when your fate is in the hitchhiking gods’ hands. It’s usually when you reach your final destination at 1am that you realize that the Internet isn’t going to be of much help. You have to be flexible…and strong-willed! We must have walked past a dozen of hotels on our way to the station. #NoLettingGo #TestingMe
These breakfasts with Maru, our HomeStay hostess, talking about Buenos Aires and all the things “cool porteños” do! Many thanks to Mamá Marta as well for educating us about the local plants! (Nothing illicit, promised)


A Bro’s gotta do what a bro’s gotta do.







The Bros in figures:
10 days at Urban Station – a network of co-working spaces established in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Turkey.


Our best memories :
– In terms of working environments, Starbucks’ vs Urban station is a bit like having a dove fight Chuck Norris. There’s everything you need – nice office space, remarkable WiFi, interesting neighbors, croissants and coffee at will… you can even send faxes! #HowCoolCanItGet
– The ease of finding and booking a spot at Urban Station through Copass, which gives you access to countless co-working spaces around the world. Sign up and Boom! 20% discount for every day at a partner co-working space! It’s pretty convenient when you move around a lot or when all you need is a desk for the day / the morning / the hour.


Bro(ad) work in progress





The Bros in figures :

7 meals at our Airbnb flat, peer-to-peer accommodation rental platform.
1 OuiShare lunch at Marcela Basch’s – passionate journalist and fervent supporter of the collaborative economy.
1 dinner with Mamá Marta, our HomeStay hostess.


Our best memories :

– That great lunch with Marcela Basch, founder of the El Plan C  website, showcasing all Argentine collaborative initiatives. Many thanks to Bernie J Mitchell, our very favorite blogger and podcaster, as well as Belen, co-founder of the Synergia3 co-working space, for coming along! Wish you could have been there? Worry not! It’s just like you were – check out the podcast! #GreatTalks #GreatTimes
– Many thanks to Mamá Marta for that great dinner discussing Argentine culture as well as Eva Perón, aka Evita.


Great lunch at Marcela’s with the members of the OuiShare community in Buenos Aires





The Bros in figures :
360 Km hitchhiking from Santiago (Chile) to Mendoza (Argentina). Massive thanks to Jorge, Laeticia y Pedro, Alvaro, not to mention Ariel y Guadelupe!
1500 Km ridesharing with Isaias thanks to Tripda Argentina – or James Dean trapped in Danny de Vito’s body.


Our best memories:
– That beautiful crossing of the Andes and of the Cuyo region (Western Argentina) with Ariel and Guadelupe aboard their firey steed, Bucefalo. We’re grateful for their contagious love for Argentina, that little detour by the Uspallata pass (4000m high) not to mention their great company! #WeShallNotForgetThem
– Traveling with Isaias was quite an experience! Speedy, to say the least, but we are eternally grateful for helping us cross the country in just a day thereby enabling us to stay on schedule. Another beautiful day on the road!

Fasten your seat belts – Isaias is in charge – Thank you Tripda Argentina!





Ideame – #1 crowdfunding platform in Latin America.

Biblioteca popular de Barracas – Community centre, Hacklab and bike repair shed.

Gratiferia – Community meetings for the donation, exchange and re-distribution of objects of all kinds” “Bring whatever you want. Take whatever you will.”

Cicerones – International community of local volunteers, offering to show other peers around their city… for free!




The Bro Crush


HomeStay – peer-to-peer accommodation rental platform. Stay at a local’s with a local.

You’re a keen traveler? You’re open to new experiences? You’re tired of the touristic way and are looking to live like a local? Look no further – HomeStay enables you to stay at a local’s with a local! Without that platform we would never have been able to:


1) afford living in the Recoleta district, i.e.: one of Buenos Aires’ fanciest neighborhoods,

2) meet Mamá Marta, Maru and Federico,

3) have the same instantaneous cultural immersion.

Muchissimas gracias a la familia Ratti – era un placer!


Breakfast with Maru, our HomeStay hostess



For a somewhat more visual rendition of our Argentine stay, click here !

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