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From Chile to Argentina


Going from Santiago to Buenos Aires was quite a trip – a healthy mix of hitchhiking and ridesharing through the Andes! We were blown away by the amount of collaborative initiatives Argentina has to offer: co-working networks, hackerlabs, ridesharing platforms, crowdfunding platforms, peer-2-peer city guide network… Great times, great vibes!

Ivan taking his daily shower on the road from Santiago to Buenos Aires! #hitchhiking

The grande Roro graciously stepping out of his 1st ride.

What the heck is Mathieu looking at?

As soon as we stepped in Pedro’s car he started singing La Vie en Rose from Edit Piaf, good times!

Ivan and Patricia discussing the virtues of Empanadas (Argentine culinary delicacy).

We were too heavy to make it to the top of Uspallata pass (4000m high) in the Andes. #HolidayWeight #Awks That said, we took worse walks.

Here we are! The Chilean-Argentinean border, in the middle of nowhere…

Meet Ariel and Guadelupe, who took a little detour to show us around the Andes, before driving us all the way to Mendoza! #NeverForgetYourAnimalHat

… with a stunning view of the Andes. No words. No filter.

When you get somewhere at 1am, you realise that the internet and the collaborative economy aren’t going to solve everything. We eventually found ourselves a little Haven at the Mendoza bus station.

We crossed Argentina from Mendoza to Buenos Aires (1300km) with Isaias in no more than 12 hours through Tripda, the local ridesharing platform in Argentina.

Buenos Aires!

As soon as we arrived in Buenos Aires, we met up with Bernie, Marcela and Belen for a nice OuiShare pic-nic! Wish you’d been there? Good news, it’s like you were! Check out the podcast!

There were no words to express our joy so we thought we’d take a selfie instead.


Roro casually preparing the interview with Magdalena – CEO of Argentina’s first ridesharing platform: Tripda.

We visited Buenos Aires with Cicerones, a global network of local volunteers offering to show people around their cities… for free! #LoveOfSharing #PayAttention

Two new Bros for the trip!

We thought we’d ask why he’d ever give us a tour for free? The answer: for the love of meeting people.#Sharingiscaring

Mat making plans!

We spent a wonderfull week at Maru’s and Federico’s thanks to Homestay. #GoodVibes

Just Roro and street art.

Mat taking a nap. Re-centering himself.

It was wonderful interviewing Pia – CEO @ – Latin America’s leading crowdfunding platform!

Ain’t no place like Home. #Airbnb

Thank you Fauno for enlightening us about the Hacker movement! #OhMoment

Ivan, so happy to have finally found the bicycle of his dreams!

Urban Station, our co-working space for the week.

Interviewing Florencia – co-founder of Urban station, a network of co-working spaces across the LatAm and Turkey!

The Bros working on their 9th video!

Mat and Ivan found a new ride to go to Brazil! #BigPoppa

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