Album #10 – Argentina to Brazil

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From Argentina to Brazil


Boom – 16 countries! We have finally reached Brazil, the last leg of our 7-month journey. Check out the pictures of our crossing and discover what our Brazilian cousins have been up to! It’s like one great big shot of collaborative inspiration!

Meet Darwin the man, our brother from another mother who took us for a ride across Uruguay.

Good times with Darwin who ended up inviting us to sleep at his place and share a delicious BBQ with his son! Standard Mat… sleeping!

“The Flying Frenchman” hitchhiking technique. #GetYourHeadInTheGame

Roro, it might be best if you run behind the car…?#Squeeze

“When frustration gets to you, kick what’s around you.” Kofi Annan, 2011

Joel just being Joel! He was completely mad but he still brought us all the way to Porto Alegre. Standard Mat (bis)… sleeping yet again!

Bem-vindo ao Brasil.

As you can see Ivan was very happy to see Victor, who he had hosted in Paris during the OuiShare Fest last year!

Porto Alegre’s smoothest collaborative guide – Thank you Victor for a truly unforgettable safari of the city’s collaborative scene. #legal #obrigado

Welcome to la Casa de Pandora, an amazing place where anyone can come anytime to work. The only rule: be open and respectful.

Victor is the guy behind this initiative, he’s a painter, a poete and a builder. His plan: create a collaborative space where new art and ideas can blossom!

It was really cool to interview Leo the founder of a crowdlearning platform in Brazil. Through his platform you can learn about anything from other peers, be it pizza making to speech writing.

Caution: intense conversation in progress. Do not disturb.

Then as always it was time to work so we went to Nos.Coworking.

We talked to Walker (founder) and Gabriel (partner) to understand how they managed to turn Nos.Coworking into a place where you do more than just work. #Community

Mat and Ivan working on the next video… #LOL

…while Roro was seducing, yet again!

Last interview of our stay with Pablo, an architect looking to turn Villa Flores, one of the oldest buildings in town, into a community space of creation and leisure where artists and people from the neighborhood can mingle.

Mat happy to hit the road once again!

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