Album #11 – Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo

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From Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo

After spending 2 days in Porto Alegre we headed off for a 1,200 km hitchhiking expedition to São Paulo. After two days, on the road and one night in a social shelter we finally arrived in one of the biggest cities in the world: 20 mio habitants. The least we can say is that we made the most of our week over there mixing interviews, work on our videos and carnaval parties!

3 days to cover 1.200Km. Sh*t is going down! Bring on the cardboard – it’s going to get messy.

Looking right, looking left, nobody in sight. #OMG

Many thanks to our favorite policeman, Everton! Good luck to him to integrate the “Tropa de Elite”!

Little halt from the rain to sing Julianna a little birthday song at the gas station. #GoodVibz #LoveThatCountry #Bootyshake.

Rain was pouring down, no couchsurfing, no Airbnb, or nothing collaborative in sight for that matter. Hotels not being an option, social shelter it is!

Reading and chillin’ at the shelter.

Morning has come, back on the road!

Day 1: Roro and Luciano happy.

Day 2: Roro and Luciano (still) happy.

Welcome to São Paulo!

This calls for a traditional bum check!

Tributile, a French collaborative lending platform, opted for a Daddy Pack as part of our campaign collaborative campaign last June. As promised, we turned our gratefulness into a song. Listen to it here.

There’s a time for everything. We were right in the middle of a war council at the time; getting ready for our talk at the Hilo Coworking conference ! #FirstTalk

Just cracking jokes!

Roro discussing stuff!

Our talk was followed by a very interesting conversation involving the rest of the community. Thank you very much Hilo Coworking for organising this event!

The event was sold out!

Enjoying life as it comes. #JustFitIn

About to check out Laboriosa89, one of the coolest initiative we’ve seen in the whole trip! What is behind the door? You’ll have to wait for our next video to find out! 🙂

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (revisited).

A bitcoin ATM! How cool can life get?

Members of Laboriosa getting together on a Sunday afternoon to collaborate in determining how to best manage the space and foster exchanges! #FlatStructure #NoHierarchy

Just chilling at the flat thanks to GuestToGuest – a hospitality exchange platform. Thank you very much Patricia for letting us stay at your place! Great location, great flat, great times!

Where is Mat?

Here he is!! Just loving life at Carnaval. #Bloco #Love

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