Album #12 – Rio de Janeiro to Paris

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From Rio de Janeiro to Paris


This is it! The last stop of the trip: Rio!! What a week! After 2 final days of work, the only mission left was… Carnaval! We could not have asked for a better end to our trip: last hitchhiking session, interviewing Tomás de Lara on Copabana beach, parties in obscure babies’ outfits… check out the perfect ending to a great adventure!

On the road again! Off to Rio de Janeiro!

After waiting 4 hours at the petrol station, we eventually found a ride…  for 1! Hitchhiking is great but you have to be flexible and split.  However, as you can see, it wasn’t so terrible after all… Thanks for  the ride, Paolo!

… meanwhile Ivan and Mat found themselves a good ol’ truck for the final leg of the trip!

It took us the whole day but we eventually made it to Rio! #Copacabana #WeLoveYou

Friends all around!

Thank you Dado​ and Mariana​ for showing us around your MakerSpace (the first in Rio!)

Still managed to save a bit of time for tourism. Here’s Mat feeling strong at the Escadaria Selaron.

From Vancouver to Rio… always and always great street art!

It was great talking about a new approach to corporate social responsibility with our main man, Tomás de Lara, one of Brazil’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs!
We’ve seen worse offices as well…

We went to grab a bite after that. Mat looks like he had a good time…

Sunset serendipity.

Beautiful Rio. #SpecialPlace

No comment required. #Carnaval

Imagine 50.000 people in a good mood…


We  discovered that hidden statue in Rio. It was pretty. We liked it. Our  guess is that it’s going to get famous in the next couple of years.

Rio by night! #LoveAndLightnings

“Back to reality” – Eminem

The last stroll.

Traditionnal nap. #UntilTheEnd

That blessed moment of calm and beauty before landing. #Grateful

Joy in our hearts our mothers are here!

We are back in town ! The adventure is over but the journey continues. We still have some videos in stock for you and many more surprises to come. Stay tuned – Big bro hug to all! #HelloParis #Love

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