The Bros’ Gazette #9 – Brazil

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The Bros in figures:
– 1 night at a social shelter
11 nights at Patricia’s thanks to GuestToGuest, free hospitality exchange platform based on a “GuestPoints” system.
4 nights at a local’s – Many thanks to Darwin and Gabriel.
1 night in Montevideo (Uruguay) at Veronica’s thanks to Airbnb, peer-to-peer accommodation rental platform.


Our best memories:
– Talking 2mn to Darwin at the gas pump and ending up driving 7hrs with him to the small town of Melo right next to the Brazilian border. He then invited us for a BBQ with his son before welcoming us for the night. And since that wasn’t enough, he took us across the border the next day. #ThankYouOldFriend
– The joy of having your little Haven to chill in after a long day of work. Thank you Patricia for having us over thanks to GuestToGuest, which is free and counts over 100 000 members to date! 


Chilling at Patricia’s place





The Bros in figures:
1 day at Nos.Coworking in Porto Alegre
8 days at Hilo Coworking in São Paulo. Thank you very much to the whole team!


Our best memories:
– Hearing about the expansion of Nos.coworking from its founder, Walker. It was interesting to hear about the alternative revenue models they’re thinking of implementing but also how he opted for having a lot of partners from the start. That enabled him not only to build his network but also to develop a “neutral atmosphere” by combining all of his partners’ visions. You should check out the end result, pretty inspiring place to be!
Our first conference! Thanks to the Hilo Coworking team, we got to share our adventures with members of their community, which led to a fruitful discussion with local entrepreneurs and other innovation amateurs – thank you all for this great and inspiring debate! #SoldOut #FoodForThought #Innovation


Our first conference @ Hilo Coworking, São Paulo!




The Bros in figures:
890 Km hitchhiking from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Porto Alegre. Massive thanks to Pato, Pia, Darwin, Victor and Joel.
1200 Km hitchhiking with Everton, and Joel from Porto Alegre to São Paulo.
600 Km hitchhiking from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro with Paolo.


Our best memories:
– Our dear friend for the day, Joel. He’s about as mad at driving as he is to talk to but a wonderful encounter who drove us 350Km all the way from Pelotas to Porto Alegre.
– 7 hrs-ride from São Paulo to Rio with Paolo the man

Paolo and Roro on their way to Rio – final ride of the trip. Could be worse.





– Casa de Pandora: A house dedicated to collaboration providing infrastructure for people to work and develop ideas together. Designers, artists, businessmen, poets… anyone is welcome! (Porto Alegre)
Vila Flores: One of Porto Alegre’s oldest buildings being turned into an open community center dedicated to culture, education and creative businesses. (Porto Alegre)
Laboriosa89: Social experiment consisting of having a house completely open for people to collaborate in. Anyone can have a copy of the key. You pay whatever you want, if you want to. Be respectful and collaborate. And, yes, it works. Check it out! (São Paulo)
– Crowdlearning platform – anyone can learn or teach anything to one or more people. From business branding to lectures about Mindfulness from free to 100 USD for example.
Globshop: Crowdshopping platform which connects people who want to buy foreign products with travelers who can take care of the delivery. We used it to buy and deliver Cachaça, beans and manioc flour, typical Brazilian products.




The Bro Crush


Laboriosa89! The Open-House

There is only one rule at Laboriosa89 – Your freedom stops where the others’ begin. Other than that, each and everyone is completely free to be a member, get a copy of the key and come to work at the house The whole thing is social experiment destined to prove that a completely horizontal structure, not only is possible but that it can even foster mingling, interactions and hence foment innovation! In essence, a temple for innovation through unchained collaboration. We were a bit dubious at first, before ending up really impressed. We’re looking forward to see where the experiment goes and who knows… could we see one pop up in Paris..?


Laboriosa89 members meeting up on a Sunday afternoon to decide how to best run the house



For a more visual rendition of our journey from Argentina to Brazil, click here !






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